Diving in Central America

    Moray Eels

    Punta Uva Limon, Costa Rica

    A nice wall dive with canyons to explore around.

    The Garden Herradura, Costa Rica

    Loads of soft coral, an underwater arch with white tip sharks.

    The Backyard Herradura, Costa Rica

    An underwater pinnacle great for a deep dive and lots of fish

    La Punta Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A great site for the advanced diver for encounters with big pelagic fish

    Labyrinth Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    Also known as The Maze, this is an impressive site with huge rock formations and a variety of marine life.

    La Cueva (The Cave) Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A shallow dive, great for finding White Tip Reef Shark
    White Tip Reef Shark

    Caroline Star Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    A great wreck and deep dive for advanced divers.You can find sleeping reef sharks, red snapper and other tropical fish hiding in the wreck.

    Coronel Alfonso Monge Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

    This wreck lies between 10 and 16 metres, a great dive for certified divers.
    Cano Island Diving

    Caño Island Drake Bay, Costa Rica

    There are 6 dive sites around Caño Island ranging in depth from 15-20 metres.Sea life is abundant, you can expect to see many types of sharks such as bull and reef sharks, huge rays, turtles, eels, a variety of reef fish and maybe even a dolphin or whale!

    Ola Quita Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

    Small volcanic island with rocky bottom.You can see lobster, eels, angelfish, butterfly fish and maybe an octopus if you're lucky
    Moray Eel

    Las Gemlas (The Twins) Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

    Calm area, great for beginners.You can see pufferfish, eels, angelfish and Octopi

    Isla Larga (Long Island) Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

    Volcanic island with interesting topography, caverns and swim throughs.You can see reef sharks, eagle rays, eels, pufferfish and snapper.
    White Tip Reef Shark

    La Punta (The Point) Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    Cruise the area looking for giant mantas at the two big cleaning stations. You might see a white-tipped reef shark. Descend at the main island and drift with the current into deeper waters where the big fish are.
    Swooping Manta Rays

    La Pared (The Wall) Catalina Islands, Costa Rica

    Dive over shark channel and see the white-tipped reef sharks that call this area home.Drift past pinnacles to see the giant mantas, eagle rays, and schools of cow-nosed rays that visit the cleaning stations here. 
    Reef Shark

    Los Tiburones Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Large rocks with coral making small passageways for reef sharks to hide in.Large groupers, snapper, barjacks, horse-eye jacks and other coral fish make their home here.
    School of Grunts

    Casasa Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Coral bottom with sandy inlets.Look for great barracuda, turtles, rays, and big schools of grunts, schoolmasters and other tropical fish.
    Queen Angelfish

    Las Coloradas Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Explore small caves, tunnels, crevices with large sea fans and gorgonians decorating the area.Schools of tarpon cruise around, along with parrotfish, queen angelfish and many coral fish species.
    Eagle Ray

    La Jaula Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Lovely site with large gorgonians, various different types of sponges, snappers, groupers, stingrays and eagle rays and maybe a reef or nurse shark if you're lucky!
    Eagle Ray

    La Jaula Jardines Del Rey, Cuba

    Lovely site with large gorgonians, various different types of sponges, snappers, groupers, stingrays and eagle rays and maybe a reef or nurse shark if you're lucky!

    El Cabezo de las Isabelitas Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Photographer's delight!Lots of coral, snapper, goatfish, parrotfish, hamlets, angelfish and trumpetfish, along with colourful anemones and large sponges.Sandy channels to explore in and out along the rugged wall.
    School of Snapper

    Jibacoa/Spart Shipwrecks Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    The Jibacoa is a cargo ship and the Sparta a military ship sunk around 20 years ago.You can see the Jibacoa from the surface, the Sparta is completely submerged and still has guns, ladders and anchor rope.Both wrecks are covered in coral and sponges, you can see schools of snapper, crabs, sea…

    Cueva Azul Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Descend to 40m and you'll find a hole in a rock about 3m in diameter covered with silver glassfish. Look for the big tarpons. From the hole you swim to the outer wall and see the amazing contrasting blues. The water in the gully looks grayish blue; in the hole it has a dark blue hue, then looking…
    Queen Parrotfish

    Pared de Coral Negro Isla De La Juventud, Cuba

    Lots of black coral at 30m. Brightly colored tubes and basket sponges also amazing coral formations such as elkhorn, staghorn and brain coral areall over wall. Many fish like tarpon, snappers, hamlets and queen parrotfish, yellowtail and gray angelfish. Search for moray eels in the wall

    La Cadena Holguin, Cuba

     A chain with links across the entrance to the channel from east to west. Wide variety of invertebrates to find.
    Black Coral

    Pesquero Holguin, Cuba

    Coral bottom with loads of sponges, gorgonians and fish. There are numerous colonies of black coral to be found.

    Canto Bonito Holguin, Cuba

    Wall that drops from 15 meters to 35 metres, find lobster, crab, octopus and lots of reef fish.
    Gorgonian and reef

    La Corona Holguin, Cuba

    Semi-circular coral formation that look like a crown, hence the name La Corona. Big gorgonians, corals, sponges and lots of fish.
    Gorgonian Coral

    Casa Coral Holguin, Cuba

    A barrier of coral with a great diversity of sea life, mainly small tropical fish and many coral species.large gorgonians and sea fans are the best part about this site.

    Diving With Whale Sharks -… Placencia, Belize

    In the Months of March, April, May, and June 2 days before the full moon up until 10 days after the full moon whale sharks can be observed at Gladden Split, Belize.Gladden Split is Located about 30 miles off the cost of Belize. What makes this place so special is that many different species of reef…

    Punta Perdiz Playa Giron - Bay of Pigs, Cuba

    This site is located in the Bay of Pigs, in the Caribbean Sea and you can swim up to it from the coast. It is one of the most spectacular wall diving sites, since the ecological conditions in the area have favored the development of a typical and exuberant underwater ecosystem which accompanies…

    El Cenote Playa Giron - Bay of Pigs, Cuba

    A limestone formation flooded by the sea through underground communication, with a big lake at the entrance and side fissures that go down to great depths. (So far they have been explored down to 70 meters.) There is an abundance of coral reef fish. The site is located in a Natural Reserve known as…

    Bianca C. Saint George, Grenada

    The Bianca C, otherwise known as the “Titanic of the Caribbean”, was a 600 foot 22000 ton cruise liner owned by the Italian Costa Line which sank in 1961 off the coast of Grenada. An explosion in the engine room, which took two lives (the only casualties of the sinking), led to a fire…

    Underwater Sculpture Park,… Saint George, Grenada

    A Unique Dive Site in the Marine Protected AreaThe Underwater Sculpture Park in the MPA is a project started in May 2006 by sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor, with the support of the Grenadian Ministry of Tourism and Culture. This is a unique artistic enterprise, celebrating Caribbean culture and…

    Shark Reef Saint George, Grenada

    Flying Through The AtlanticWell every dive destination has one! Although the name is not original, the Grenada dive site is something different from our other reef dives. This is a shallow reef on the Atlantic side of Grenada and can be a very invigorating drift.The shoulder of the reef which slopes…

    Inside Out Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

    A nice section of wall on the south side of the island. You'll see sand chutes here and large sponges. You can do this as a shallower dive or a deeper dive.The mooring is in a coral head in about 50 feet of water. You can stay around here and dive in about 50-80 feet of water. You can also go to the…

    East Chute Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

    This dive site is located on the north side of the island and is both a wall dive and a wreck dive. This is another wall where you can look down into the abyss.The chute cuts through the wall and begins at about 50 feet. After diving on the wall you can go and check out the wreck - the Cayman…

    MV Keith Tibbetts Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

    This is a Russian warship from Cuba (according to the divemaster) that was sunk in 1996. The wreck is 330 feet long and sits in about 100 feet of water. It has a radar tower and guns which are in shallower water. The wreck is now broken in thirds due to hurricanes and part of the wreck is laying on…

    Bloody Bay Wall Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

    Even though it is off of Little Cayman, you can reach it from Cayman Brac also (the islands are 7 miles apart). The boat ride is about 45 minutes or so. This dive is often rated as one of the top dives of the Caribbean and it is easy to see why.One of the sides of the wall is called Donna's Delight.…

    Vertigo Guanaja Island, Honduras

    Vertigo is site along the barrier reef which presents a wall with spectacular drop-offs. The top of the wall is at about 11 meters, drops to 49 meters where there is a sandy shelf, then drops off again beyond sight. Black and white sea lilies (crinoids) can be seen here.

    The Pinnacle Guanaja Island, Honduras

    The Pinnacle is located in a channel, it stands on a sandy bottom at 41m/135ft, rising to a point about 16,7m/ 55ft below the surface. The pinnacle is covered with gorgonian, wire, and black coral, while seahorses, groupers, and spotted drums swim nearby.Divers typically dive to 24 meters and then…